Crash Issue

Hi There Folks There was  a Small problem to the server it crashed due to some mod that went out of date so the server had to be reinstalled and reconfigured with that in mind i am here to say sorry for the players that are currently playing on the map it had to be redone and we are in the process of sorting the cause out please be patient as the admins are working out the cause and removing any mod that might cause a server crash

again thank you for the continued support for the server (Ways of Minecraft) and to see you continue playing

Please click here for updated mods section for the new mods that so far has no issue mods

Sorry for the Inconvenience

New Note

there has being another mod removal as it does not seem to support the new version of forge causing again for admins to reinstall the server but at least not the map so please Click Here for updated info thank you. The Mods Name is called (immcraft-1.1x-1.3.6.jar)