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It is said when you learn the “way of a world” that has no limitations, one can only think that there’s no other game world  you can do it but in minecraft with so many standard features in the game which it includes generations of maps and custom terrain all can be done in minecraft but what if someone told you, you can add mods then one says “what you can” then i say you can with over 40 mods in the game that added so many other features the possibility’s  are endless so in this server come and join try it out, if you don’t like it then this is not the game for you but i can guarantee you won’t be disappointed


so please come and join the Ways Of MineCraft which is hosting a 6gig dedicated server built on forge (which soon will be using bukkit plugins) on a world customized generator where resources are bountiful, lands are big enough to build, dangers are harder with each passing day, building is not limited to physics, build a world of your dreams, that’s runs on only PVE setting, server IP is and admins or SnakeTheNoob And LeeTheOrc